“Imagination is to raise reality’s voice”
G. Bachelard
photography by Philippe moisan  

Interior design, costume design or accessory styling are different facets of the same profession;
that of adding poetry and rest to the eyes. I do this in advertising (studio or exterior), with
creatives (art directors / directors of photography), in consulting (for movies but also for people
such as Nicolas Sirkis or Juliette Binoche), and for offices, shops, mansions, penthouses. My
playground travels mainly between Paris and Berlin, but I am always ready to go where my
imagination leads me. All you have to do is ask. I love what I do. I do what I love. Aesthetically, I
have a penchant for what is offbeat. I sway between elegance and bohemia, iconoclasm and
sobriety. I pursue art for its framework, design for its functionality, the unknown for its
challenges, and the crafty for its humanity. Constraints of time and budget are the mainspring of
creativity. Listening, is my first rule of work ethic…

Some of my clients :
Aides, Amnesty International, Banque Alimentaire, Banque J.P. Morgan, Banque Postale, Bmw, Bnp, Cailler, Canal+, Chanel, Cic , Comptoir De La , Corsica , Crédit Agricole ,Crédit Suisse ,D8 ,Delsey, Dentastix, Ecpat, Edf, Education First, Elle Japan, Eurostar, Flandres, Fondation Abbé Pierre, France Galop, Gauloise, Gdf, Hôtel Ibis, Inpes, Institut Pasteur, Jules, Kfc, l’Equipe, lExpress, l’Humanite, l’Oréal, La Halle, La Poste, Laboratoire Vichy, Laboratoires Garnier, Le Monde, Leroy Merlin, Lg, Louboutin, Marie Claire, Martell, Master Card, More, Nespresso, Nouvelles Frontieres, Orange, Oxybul, Palmiers, Peine De Mort En Chine, Perrier, Petit Bateau, Peugeot, Point P, Quatrem, Quick, Radio Classique, Renault, Sarasin, Sncf Tgv, Société Générale, Sony, Stilh, Tetra , Ugc, Unhfcr, Valisere, Visa Card, Zurich Assurance